Welcome to the Chakra Room

With intuitive healing touch, a session with the Chakra Room can help you return to your natural state of wholeness…

Whether you are suffering from physical pain, are holding unresolved emotions or longing for a deeper connection with Self, a healing session with the Chakra room can help you return to your natural state of wholeness.

Combining gentle pressure-point therapy, energetic healing, sound therapy and intuitive counselling, let us ease you into a state of deep relaxation where your body can access its natural healing abilities.

The Chakra Room is Ester Zazzaro – a highly tuned empath who feels within her own body what is happening in yours and is guided intuitively to the precise pain points and the healing required.

Once she takes you into a deeply relaxed state, she opens pathways to balance the inner masculine and feminine energies, clear the heart and womb space (in both men and women) and allow a journey deep within the Self. As well as treating physical ailments, this can increase intuition, release grief, trauma and unresolved emotions, and bring greater intimacy with our selves and others.

I welcome you with the sacred feminine invitation to blossom and flourish in a way that serves your body and your everyday existence.

Ester Zazzaro

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