Could Narcissism Be The Shadowed Masculine King?

In the divine masculine/feminine realm of inner work, a focus at the moment is on the embodied archetype of King and Queen. What does this really mean internally? What kind of paradigms are needing to be challenged to meet these new energies in ourselves?

My King comes from a patriarchal lineage that shuns dependence of any kind, in fact finds emotional context robs him of single-minded focus both in a material world and in spiritual contemplative process. His authority is founded on superiority of intellectual knowledge and, despite feeling deadened around the heart, can construct experiences of substitute hedonistic pleasure to quench any deeper thirst, in fact marvels in his ability to do so.

A King rules his kingdom and satisfies himself with the knowledge that everything needed originates within him.

After many years of patriachal conditioning and reform, my feminine has internalised her lack of value based on her masculine’s lack of need outside of himself. She floats around the periphery of the self-contained unit he has created and even shames herself for longing for him and the moment when he will really see the piece of heart she offers him.

Right now though, at times she feels more like a lowly servant than a Queen because truly somewhere in the deepest recesses and hidden chambers she still carries the idea that it is he that ordains her.

Carefully, out of a lived survival mechanism, she manages to offer him tidbits of wisdom in a way that does little to compromise the power structure that seems to work for both of them, until now.

Why would he condescend himself to include her experience of herself (even outside of him) in his world view, especially when it may take away his one-pointed boundary of self-sufficiency? When inclusion of the ‘other’ means death to a separate part (which could be his) and he is so used to being armoured and equating that loss with battle against all the other Kings? When taking into account the ‘other’ can only mean a threat to his entire existence, privilege and security? 

So yes, I guess it could be seen that my Queen is sitting on her royal throne, although some days her imposter self feels more like an underprivileged peasant and these are the places us women and and any feminine energies must tread to meet her glorious coronation.

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