Whatever way I am connecting with you, it is my desire to help balance your masculine and feminine energies, create expansion in the heart space and inspire an inwards journey into the rich tapestry of sense-sational experience.

Ester Zazzaro

Ester’s passion is to help others return to wholeness and access universal consciousness through experiencing the full depth of sense-ation within their being. After years exploring and honing her unique abilities as an energy worker and intuitive counsellor, Ester Zazzaro established The Chakra Room.

Through concentrated focus of her energetic awareness, she can gently and compassionately introduce you to a deeply embedded memory of somatic consciousness that brings a deeper sense of self.

Treatments are based on each individual’s needs using a combination of gentle pressure-point therapy, energetic healing and intuitive counselling. 

Sometimes, a treatment is simply about having her hands placed on a particular point on the body and allowing the healing to unfold. Other times, a combination of all therapies may be used. Before you begin, Ester will take the time to discuss your needs and identify what treatment your body is craving.

I am so blessed to have awoken to this incredibly alive, earth-shattering vibration inside my own feminine sacred space. This bountiful Shakti energy in union with Life effortlessly showers its blissful wave on everyone I am honoured to work with. 
It is my experience that the glorious Mother and feminine frequency shakes every bit of fragmented energy out of its reverie and into Love.

Ester Zazzaro