Experience physical, emotional and spiritual healing through intuitive touch.

A deep tissue, relaxing massage with so much more.

Hi, my name is Ester and I am the creator of The Chakra Room.

My greatest passion is to inspire men and women to feel a depth of sensation in their bodies. Through concentrated focus of my energetic awareness I can gently and compassionately introduce you to a deeply embedded memory of somatic consciousness.

While the healing energy is mostly shared through personal sessions offering intuitive touch and heightened sensory perception it sometimes also expresses through written and spoken word. Whatever way I am connecting with you it is my desire to help balance your masculine and feminine energies, create expansion in the heart space and inspire an inwards journey into the rich tapestry of sense-sational experience.

I am so blessed to have awoken to this incredibly alive, earth shattering vibration inside of my own feminine sacred space. This bountiful Shakti energy in union with Life effortlessly showers its blissful wave on everyone I am honoured to work with. It is my experience that the glorious Mother and feminine frequency shakes every bit of fragmented energy out of its reverie and into Love.
I welcome you with Her invitation to blossom and flourish in a way that serves your body and your everyday existence.


Ester Zazzaro - THE CHAKRA ROOM